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Why is wheat so detrimental to weight loss?

You really have to wonder why western society is getting fatter and fatter (even eastern countries since western diets are descending upon these cultures).

Firstly, let me say don’t take my word for it. Make your own enquiries. I am only saying what has worked for my wife and I and other people who have seen drastic changes in general wellbeing not to mention losing weight along the way.

Why do I point my finger at wheat? Well, firstly this wheat “ thing” has been around for around ten thousand years. It’s in the bible as a metaphor for salvation. BUT IT ISN’T THE STUFF YOU ARE EATING TODAY. It is genetically modified semi dwarf strain that the body tries to get rid of. Hence Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gluten sensitivity etc. etc.

In short ( I will expand on this from time to time in my blogs ), there is a reason why wheat, which by the way they call “healthy whole grains”(it just sounds better) is in virtually all processed foods. It spikes blood sugar, therefore triggering the hormone insulin which is the fat storing hormone.

Heard of the Glycaemic Index of foods? Called the GI Index. Two slices of bread (white or wholemeal, doesn’t matter), raises blood sugar to a rating of 72. Do the same thing for a snickers bar. Rating of 59.

We are actually being fed an appetite stimulant. The more you eat the more you want. They put wheat in Smarties. Try and eat just one. Virtually impossible!

Till next time “First move well, then move often”!



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