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Why cardio doesn’t work for fat loss!

I am going to prove to you why cardio (running on treadmills and the like) doesn't work if you are wanting to lose weight.

This is all "approximate" but let's say you run on a treadmill, stationary bike, cross trainer or just run. You will burn around 1,000 kilojoules.
Pretty card to do this for an hour for the average person but that is the calorific burn.
On your way home you decided to reward yourself for all that strenuous exercise by calling into McDonalds for a Mud Muffin and small coffee?
The muffin is around 2,9000 and the coffee around 150 kilojoules.
Total say 3,000 kilojoules.
That's around 2,000 kilojoules or two hours more cardio just to burn off the excess kilojoules.
Now if you are disciplined and most people aren't you will actually gain weight!
See how the science is flawed? Now "maccas" or any other takeaway is nice every now and then as a treat. Don't get me wrong.
Just not if you are trying to lose weight!

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