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Watch this. Why movement forms the basis of function (and rule#4 of fat loss )

Erwan LeCorre, head of the MovNat organisation demonstrates in a totally practical way why movement patterns (or correct movement patterns) are at the very foundation of strength and flexibility.
Watch and be inspired by this incredible natural athlete!

Rule #4 of fat loss

Why "cheat day" is important.

So far I have talked about sticking rigidly to the plan previously set out. Now for the twist. On the seventh day after you commence the programme take a day off and eat what you want. This day of gluttony will reward you for all of your discipline over the previous week! I am serious, eat what you want.
On this day increase your water intake prior to your meal. This will increase that full feeling. This is also a clever little trick to ratchet up your metabolism. The next day go back to the eating regime that forms the basis of fat loss outlined previously.
After a while the "cheat day" will become less and less important as your dietary patterns will become used to just eating real food. That's why it is called the JERF eating plan.

Stay strong!

Martin O'Toole

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