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The six key elements in any training programme.

I will rate them from the 6th best down to number #1

#6- Hip flow

Vital as we never stretch laterally through the hips. Simply put, in a full lunge position, rotate both left and right at the hips without letting the lunging knee track outwards. Let you neck "come along for the ride"

#5-Squat- Any variations are great. It increases flexibility and teaches you how to breath for power

#4-Romanian deadlift- The perfect exercise for exercising for a powerful sprint.

#3- Pull ups- The upper back is to the upper body as the hips are to the lower body.

#2- Meditation- Fifteen minutes per day will add balance to your life. Think of yin and yang. Yang is the training. Intensive, aggressive. Yin is quiet, reflective. The perfect balance.

#1- The kettlebell swing- Is the jack-of-all-trades exercise. The king, queen and everything else of training. Want power, cardio achieved with tempo, intensity, rhythm and technique? Nothing comes close!

"move pain free"


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