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The Power of the simple PLANK Exercise - Plus Kettlebell Exercise #5 The Military Press

Morning all

The you tube clip is on the simple Plank Exercise. If ever it was a case of "The warm up is the workout" then this is it!

Try this. Get down on the floor onto your elbows and create tension throughout your whole body. Go on, do it now. Make fists, tighten your abs, glutes, lats. Hell, even your sphincter. If you don't know where that is I prefer you google it rather than go into detail.
Hold that position for 60 seconds if you can. TOTAL TIME UNDER TENSION IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. If you do this I doubt if you will be capable of holding it for a full minute.
There are also variations of the "simple but sinister" plank. these include Walkout Planks, Ab wheel walkout planks and Box planks.

#5 The kettlebell Military Press ( Grind exercise )

The MP trains full body tension, bracing or "wedging" the body under load.
From the rack position, drive the bell from the ground up to press it overhead, hold the lockout then pull the bell down to the rack.
"Pulling the bell" is the key in my opinion. Most people what I call "yield to the weight" rather than controlling the descent. This control creates time under tension through the negative phase and gives you "more bang for your exercise buck".
A quick summary but I am sure you get the picture.

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