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The most important distance you will travel!

What is the most important distance? I will give you three hints:

1. It takes much less than an hour to travel.

2. No matter where you are in the world the distance is the same for everyone.

3. Everyone has the choice each day how to make the trip.


This distance is the 15.24 centimetres (or 6 inches) between your ears!

Here is the quick list of ten classic lies which are difficult to get past the 6 inch road to success:

I can't do it
It will never happen
The economy is bad
Life isn't fair
Someone else deserves it
It's not my responsibility
It's his or her fault
I don't have the talent, looks, skills, or luck
It's impossible
This is the way it has always been done

This is just a few. See if there are many others you can think of, write them on the list. Do it now.

The choice is yours. Mediocrity is far more commonplace than success.
All you have to do is change the journey over that short distance between your ears

15.24 centimetres or 6 inches. Not that far when you think about it.

"Stay strong"

Martin O'Toole
"Your" online fitness and wellbeing coach

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