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The big six of kettlebell training plus something to aspire to!

Don't try this at home unless you have been doing KB training yourself for some considerable time. This man is using a 50lb (approx. 22kg) bell. As I said, something to aspire to. Ladies, aim for a 10-12 kgs.

When it comes to the "simple but sinister" kettle bell you only need to worry about six exercises;
Goblet squat
Turkish get-up
Military press
That's it! No more. That's why I call them the big six.
Each week I will give a brief outline on each exercise.

The swing (ballistic meaning explosive)

This allows you to develop a deep and powerful movement from the ground up. What makes this exercise so beneficial is that you can go from basically complete relaxation to absolute tension in a heartbeat ( believe me your heart will beat quite fast ). The key to the KB swing is what we call the "hip hinge" or folding of the hips. This is a movement that is lost to most people after we get that little bit older especially. Squatting is something we just don't do unless we sit in a chair or couch. That restricted squat causes the hamstrings to become tight together with the glute (backside) muscles to also tighten up.
How do you fix this? Swing a kettle bell with correct form of course.
If you want to know more on why this exercise will benefit you more regardless of your age and current physical condition then just drop me a comment. I am happy to help.

" First move well, then move often"!

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