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The benefits of the hip hinge over the squat. A picture speaks a thousand words!

This is a classic example of why the kettlebell swing will improve your movement patterns through the hips.
How? Well Raoul, one of kettlebell class members at the Launceston Aquatic Centre Gym (called LAfit) demonstrates in the this video how his hip hinge capabilities have improved out of sight in only a few months.
What are the benefits of this? Deep hip hinging gives the hamstrings a stretch that is far beyond squatting. When you squat the knees and hips flex at the same degree. With hip hinging the hips flex to a greater degree giving the hamstrings a great stretch. This takes the pressure of the glutes protecting the lower back. Great news if you have back pain.
Try it by standing around half a metre away from a wall and stick your backside back towards it by breaking at the hips. Can't quite get there then just move back a little. Your posterior chain will thank you for it!

"stay strong"


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