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Slowly getting there!!! The humbling muscle up.

If you think this is easy try it! The "muscle up" is one of the most demanding body weight exercises on the planet.
There are a number of ways to progress through to the full exercises. Firstly don't even try it until you can do at least ten "dead hang" strict pull ups.
After that no more slow pull ups. You must practice explosive pull ups. First to your chin, then chest then waist until you can get to the point where you put space between yourself and the bar then pull yourself over the bar up to the dip position. Release downwards and repeat.
Another way is by using the "band assist". What this does is practice the move with a little bit of help. I say that sometimes strength is a skill not brute force.
Anyway watch the video and see what I mean. Until I can do at least five of the band assist pull ups with the 41inch band I won't reduce the size of the band.
My goal is to complete a full non assisted muscle up by my 64th birthday which is May next year.
As I often say, you must have fitness goals and a "road map" to get there.
That's where I can help!
Until next time.

Martin O'Toole

"helping people become stronger versions of themselves"

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