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My personal fitness and lifestyle journey

"Sometimes you just have to make the decision to make changes. Bit like Richard Branson when he said "Screw it , let's do it"!

Running has always been my thing. That was up to around 6 years ago. I just found it odd that no matter how far or often I ran, the weight just wouldn't come off. It frustrated the hell out of me. An ankle operation (from too much running), forced me to reassess my fitness and general health. What was going on? I just couldn't figure it out!

I then made two major changes. What were they?

I gave up wheat altogether in my diet and focused on weight training rather than long boring cardio (running!).

Something weird happened. The weight literally fell off me and I started on my kettle bell journey that has lead me to here. 24 kilos lighter and feeling the best I have felt since my youth. My wife Ann has come along with me on this journey and we both feel like teenagers. Well, maybe not quite but we have so much energy and vitality!

Why not share our ideas with other people. If it works for us why not others around our age.

Hence, here I am. Ready to help (and build a business along the way ).

More next time.



Remember " First move well, then move often"!

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