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"Healthy and wealthy and potato crisps". What the........???

Ok so this sounds a little weird but stay with me.
Here's the thing. Health and wealth are interrelated when you think about it. Heck, they are even spelt the same other than the first letters. An holistic approach is needed if the "yin and yang" that is health and wealth is adopted.
Still confused? This is where the potato crisps enter the picture! Bad analogy I know when they aren't the healthiest of food options.
You have a choice when you buy a packet of crisps. A large packet or several small packets. When you open the large packet chances are that you will not stop until you finish the bag. Now but say the equivalent volume but in four small packets. If you eat a small packet you may just stop as it involves opening another packet. Gives you time to consider the consequences.
Now relate the same situation to your bank accounts.If you have the one account with all of your savings in the one chances are that you will spend until that account is empty. Now break it down to several accounts allocated to different categories of expenditure/savings. Say short term, long term and the like. You will find it much easier to control if they are broken down into separate specific purpose accounts.
Starting to see the similarity between health and wealth?
Both depend upon strategies that rely on being broken down into small "chunks" to measure progress and being able to identify where your weaknesses and strengths lay.
Remember "what gets measured gets done". Have an "end plan" but don't loose sight of measuring progress whatever your financial and health (both in fitness and nutrition) goals may be.

Until next time
Martin O'Toole
"Helping people become stronger versions of themselves"

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