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Happy new year! What's your plan for 2015?

Morning everyone

This year my focus (I'm not getting any younger) is going to be more about how we move better rather than whether we can lift or move heavier weights. As my slogan says "first move well, then move often".
I want to start with creating movement patterns that actually help with moving weight or whether you can snatch a 24kg kettlebell. How or where does this start? by creating movement patterns based on subtle but strong muscles, ligaments and tendons especially through joints.
Then we move on to the FMS screen that will help identify faulty movement patterns created by body imbalances.
Sounds a bit confusing? Trust me, it will all become clearer during the year. Just "watch this space"
The video clip is where it basically all starts.

Have a great weekend
Martin O'Toole
"Your" health coach

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