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Exciting news! Introducing a new service specialising in Arthritis Therapy

Evening everyone

As part of this series I want to first tell you a bit about why I have decided as a health coach specialising in seniors (this debilitating disease is now effecting the younger generation as well) who are living through pain and discomfort. The more I delve into this I came to the realisation that there must be something I can do to help.

Hence the pending birth of  This website offers loads of information and resources to help you manage the disease.

I am extremely proud to announce that as part of increasing my knowledge on the almost 150 types of arthritis I recently gained certification as a Joint Movement Leader under the auspices of Arthritis Australia where I will be offering both warm water and land based therapy here in Launceston. Venue and starting date to also be announced over the next couple of weeks.

The certification process was lengthy and extremely educational. To the point where this unique and "arthritis focused" qualification enables me to work closely with the medical profession including doctors and exercise physiologists in particular to help increase the quality of life for those of you struggling to cope with arthritis.

To help get to know you better and how I can assist please start firing your questions and comments to me.

Remember, we all want to move pain free.

"yours in health"

Martin O''Toole

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Mobile 0412296694

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