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Canola oil - Good or bad? You decide! Plus #4 Kettlebell training-The TGU

Cooking in Canola oil or "drizzling" it on salads? After watching this you may not be so sure. Watch and listen for the words "solvent, chemical extraction, sodium hydroxide, soap manufacturing and bleach. Canola is actually a made up word which stands for "Canadian oil low acid". It was first bred in the early 1970's as a natural oil, but in 1995 Monsanto created a genetically modified version of canola oil. It is actually made from the rapeseed.
Again, don't take my word for it. Do your own research. Get both sides That's what Google is for!

# Kettlebell exercise #4 The Turkish Getup (grind)

The TGU is hard to categorize. Some people consider it to be about pure strength. I disagree. I prefer to look at it as a great mobility or pre-hab tool. With light weights (or even no weight at all), the transitional aspect of the move (basically from laying in a supine or facing upwards) to standing it is extremely complex and should not be attempted without the proper supervision from a suitably qualified individual. Check it out on you tube bit I repeat, don't try it unless you are trained in the move.

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