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Beware marketing terms when it comes to health and fitness!

The word "aerobics" came about when a bunch of gym instructors stood around and said " If we are going to charge people x dollars per hour we can't call it "jumping up and down"
- Rita Rudner
These are typical words that have no physiological basis:
Take cellulite for example. This word first appeared in Vogue magazine on the 15th April 1968.
Vogue decided to focus on the body as much as the clothes. In a stunning move, an entire replacement culture was developed by naming a "problem" where it had scarcely existed before, centring it on a women's natural state and elevating it to the existential female dilemma.
The number of diet related articles rose 70 per cent from 1968 60 1972!
Cellulite is fat. Nothing more nothing less. It can be removed like any other form of fat.

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