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Are you a duck or an eagle? Plus #3 The Kettlebell Goblet Squat

DUCKS walk around complaining........Waah Waah Waah. They never get off the ground. They stay in the same duck pond and walk around or swim in their own sh....t!
They also attract other ducks or "losers" to help them make excuses about how they have bad genetics and can't make gains.
It's not their fault, everyone else is to blame from the gym equipment to the government etc. etc.
EAGLES on the other hand take care of themselves. They soar high in the sky and hunt for their prey all the while taking care of their families.
In the gym eagles study other eagles and stay right away from ducks!
Again, what are you? A DUCK or an EAGLE???

#3 The Kettlebell Goblet Squat (Grind)

The goblet squat establishes a solid structure for loading the posterior chain, reinforces the anterior chain and creating alignment in the joints that ensures safe loading and transitions. For some, the goblet squat takes on a more rehabilitative form since it trains the client to open their hips and use the knees safely and effectively while teaching how to avoid undue stress on the lower back. The only drawback of the goblet squat is that it cannot be loaded to the same extent as a barbell squat.
Once again, you can't go to extreme loads but the efficiency of the squat with the kettlebell almost makes up for it.
Try it. Just be careful with the load to start with. Remember all you are doing is adding the weight of the bell to your own body weight. Start without the bell or very light until you get your squatting technique "down pat"

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