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Are certain foods addictive? Plus Rule #2 for fat loss

In this brilliant presentation Casey Thaler explains in great detail ( it is a bit heavy at times but stick with it ), explaining how certain foods are addictive. Try and open a packet of tim tams and stop at one for example!

Food companies know how to exploit this in an effort to sell more and more of their products. A great deal of these addictive foods aren't exactly there to make you healthy either.
Watch and draw your own conclusions.

Rule #2 for fat loss

This is probably the one that most people who cannot lose body fat have the most trouble with.
People who have succeeded in shedding excessive fat have said this.
"Eat the same foods over and over again".
For breakfast, lunch and dinner (no snacking please), pick from a variety of vegetables, eggs, meat, fish (not farmed please but that is another story) nuts,seeds. Some fruit although some fruit is high in sugar. Choose berries as they have a lower GI so won't spike blood sugar. Have a higher protein breakfast. Why protein? Because a breakfast higher in protein decreases water retention and your resting metabolism increases by around 20% if your breakfast is approx. 30% protein.
Here is a small sample.
Scrambled eggs and mixed vegetables (please include spinach if you can)
Meats (not processed), vegetables or salad
Meat, lentils and mixed vegetables

This is by no means an exhaustive list but gives you an idea.
If you think eating the same foods over and over again is difficult I bet you have been doing that already. I guarantee that most of you have had cereals and toast over and over again. What is the difference.

More next week.

Martin O'Toole

Have a great week and shoot me a question if you are not sure.

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