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A short introduction to the FMS. The new service I offer my clients!

I am proud to offer my clients the Functional Movement Screen or FMS for short.
As a fully certified consultant for this ground breaking movement screen that in essence will assess weaknesses and asymmetry throughout the body.
These seven screening tests isolate those weaknesses and I score according to the movement patterns and recommend exercisies that help with both mobility and symmetry corrections.
believe me it is a real "wake up call" for anyone who thinks that you are either exercising or generally living without these restrictions.
The tests are not invasive or designed to put you in an uncomfortable environment. They are simple and easy to administer.
Gray Cook, the "master" of the FMS screen explains why these tests are vital for the fit athlete through to the older age group.
Interested? Contact me today for a full assessment. It takes around an hour and will be the best thing you do for your overall fitness and general wellbeing.

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