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A fascinating insight into why we get fat! and Rule #3 on fat loss

The attached you tube clip is one of the best interviews you will ever see. Sean Croxton  interviews Gary Taubes one of my favourite experts on why we get fat and what to do about it.

Rule # 3
Don't drink calories
Drink lots of water. unsweetened tea and coffee with cream (not milk).If you want to sweeten coffee then try a little cinnamon. Please limit soft drinks like diet coke and the like. I am not a great fan of Aspartame as this artificial sweetener can stimulate weight gain.
If you are partial to wine (no beer. Save that for "Cheat Day. More on that later) stick to red wine. One or two glasses a night won't hurt you.

Rule #4
Next time.
Have a great week.

Martin O'Toole
"Your" Health Coach

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